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Adeeba L

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
Adeeba L
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Hindi Film PosterThe scenic splendor of Darjeeling has rarely been so beautifully used and shot in a Bollywood movie - after seeing Kolkata in its true colors in Kahaani, it’s time now to explore Darjeeling at its best.

The Harry Potter Generation

Nothing has ever described Harry Potter as well as this. It made me cry and laugh all at once. You know you're a true Harry Potter fan if you read the whole thing. And as for the Harry Potter generation, this story will live in us forever and.Always

How to make your own galaxy shirt

DIY galaxy shirt- splash/spray with bleach, tie-dye red, bleach again, paint/sponge on red/blue dye/paint and finish with white fabric paint stars flicked on. would also be a nice technique for a table cloth or throw pillows.