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Check out SHOWS TO GO. They are cool Montreal bands recorded in special performances just for CHOM. See them perform like you never experience a performance from this band. Watch it, share it and keep coming back for more CHOM SHOWS TO GO.
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Shows to Go: Aroara

AroarA is the new duo from Montreal's Andrew Whiteman (Broken Social Scene founding member, Apostle of Hustle) and Ariel Engle. They play amplified cigar box.

Shows To Go: The Blue Seeds

Shows To Go: The Blue Seeds


Emilie & Ogden is not your typical duet but rather an encounter between a singer and a harp. Emilie & Ogden could be described as "nouveau folk&.

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Shows to Go: Mat Joly

You can't reinvent your voice any more than you can reinvent a wheel, but you can sure as hell make sure it's not just rolling around in circles.

Shows to Go: Solids

Montreal band Solids went to school with bands from the like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Superchunk.

Shows To Go: Ladies of the Canyon

Their diligence about vocal harmonies and songwriting made them more akin to the singer-songwriter heyday of mid California than to Montreal's indie m.

Shows To Go: Caféïne

Author-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cafeïne launchED his latest opus New Love. Recorded and mixed by Gus Van Go (The Stills, Priestess, etc.

Shows To Go - Hey Sugar

Shows To Go - Hey Sugar

Shows to Go: First You Get The Sugar

Shows to Go: First You Get The Sugar