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Chris Chrissy

Chris Chrissy
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I made the California sushi rice bowl from this link. It turned out amazing! I didn't make the sauce drizzle. I just used lemon juice and soy sauce and it tasted great! I tried toasting the black sesame seeds and that was a bust so we had them untoasted

Simple catching drill without an actual baseball glove. This will help kids learn how to catch! #tball #youthsports #i9Sports

Eliminate your weak Ball Handling skills! This basketball drill is for ages 7 and up. All it takes is a couple tennis balls and cones to help develop dribbling skills.

DIY Nerf Darts...i will be glad i pinned this someday...

DIY Nerf darts — when the original set gets lost (and you know they will get lost!), you'll be happy to know that you can make your own Nerf darts! Now it is known how to get the holes in the Nerf darts for legs on Proto X SLT quadcopter.

How to make your own darts... for boys (and tough girls!) who lose everything everywhere!

These homemade Nerf darts rock! they are made out of foam backer rod and get sweet distance. They also fit any Nerf gun!