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Homemade dog/cat bed from old sweater

How to Make a Cat Bed from an Old Sweater. Does your kitty keep sleeping on your sweater? If so, why not turn that sweater into a new bed for her? If you don't want to cut and sew the sweater, you could always use an old one, or buy one.

Dog Bed for when you're not there

Possibly the best use of old jeans ever: a lap pillow. Stuff an old pair of jeans with stuffing to simulate a human lap that smells just like you! {{ May not work for a Dane, but a great idea anyway }}

<3 dogs

In the they blame the Dobermans. In the they blamed German Shepherds. In the they blamed Rottweilers. Now they blame the Pit Bull. ~Cesar Millan When will they blame the Humans? *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from shelter/rescue

awesome April Fools prank! lol  or just prank

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#Auto immune awareness/Chronic Illness So true!

Chronic illness, chronic pain, invisible illness - Saying that you're okay is so much easier rather than explaining all the reasons why you're not!

Profound!!!! Please everyone, be conscious of this with everyone in your circle or path!!! Ty God bless!!

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