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Doctor Who (TARDIS)

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William Hartnell
n This Day on Instagra

1st Doctor (With Companions)

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Tell us about this Pin... As a child I grew up with Doctor Who and it was just facinating. One thing I was so proud of was that my Uncle built me a Tardis out of old doors and it stayed in my room for years. As I grew up my love for the program never changed and I am glad to say I married another Whovian who shares my passion for the program. Not sure about #Jodie Whittaker, but we shall see as time will tell just like the Tardis #doctorwho

2nd Doctor (With Companions)

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1974 The Green Doctor Jon Pertwee getting in touch with Earth Day.

3rd Doctor (With Companions)

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Rest in Peace, dearest Sarah Jane Smith
Destiny of the Daleks
Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), companion to the Fifth Doctor.

4th Doctor (With Companions)

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Doctor Who - the 5th Doctor, Peter Davison

5th Doctor (With Companions)

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6th Doctor and the Daleks
Doctor Who turns 50 – our view | Entertainment Focus

6th Doctor (With Companions)

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Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred with Queen Elizabeth II lookalike Mary Reynolds in Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis
Seven and Ace

7th Doctor (With Companions)

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(2) Tumblr
8th doctor

8th Doctor (With Companions)

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Doctor Who

9th Doctor (With Companions)

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(21) Home / Twitter

10th Doctor (With Companions)

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Matt Smith, The 11th Doctor.

11th Doctor (With Companions)

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The Doctor and the Mistress
Peter Capaldi and Jena. Beautiful Photo

12th Doctor (With Companions)

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Thirteenth doctor graham Yasmin Ryan
The 13th Doctor --

13th Doctor (With Companions)

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I wanted to see the universe so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away.
Doctor Who

The TARDIS (Inside and Out)

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The War Doctor. The Doctor struggled with this regeneration. The decision he had to make to destroy the Daleks and the Time Lords to save the universe would haunt him.
War Doctor

War Doctor

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Can we open it? Is the right question. #DoctorWhoEpisode3


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Who didn't want to be Sara Jane?


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Alex Kingston a la Muse
‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like River Song

Allies-River Song (Alex Kingston)

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John Simm Doctor Who  The Master


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So, of course, they've tweaked the props, the accessories, the suit... Sigh. Note, the color balance in this pic is off - see how burned out the details on her blouse are? So the purple probably isn't THAT bright. JM.
Daleks/Skaro/The Magician's Apprentice/Missy/Michelle Gomez/BBC

Baddies-Missy (Michelle Gomez)

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adventuresthroughtime:    Four generations of Daleks recreate the famous scene from “The Dalek Invasion of Earth”
Illustrations from Doctor Who - The DVD Files
Meet Daleks and Cybermen at The Doctor Who Experience at Olympia in London


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Baddies-Weeping Angels

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Film Dr Who and the Daleks Gordon Flemyng (1965)  79min U Certificate
Dalek & Jill Curzon

Misc (From first 8 Doctors)

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From the archives of the Timelords and Whovians

Misc (From 9th Doctor to present)

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