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Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

Mosquito Killing Ovitrap - a totally non toxic way of controlling mosquitos - so simple, effective and indefinitely reusable!

lava lamp homebrew recipe

Not only can you make a lava "lamp" using this site, but you can make an actual lava lamp with heat and all!

The lava lamp was invented by Edward Craven Walker in the mid-1950s and consisted of a top secret combination of oil and wax and a few other undisclosed ingredients. Because it is less dense than water, wax expands and floats when heated to a certain temperature. As the wax rises in the lamp's liquid center, it moves away from the source of heat at...

How to Make a Lava Lamp. Have your kids make a lava lamp out of materials around the house to introduce them to this groovy relic from the past. Unlike real lava lamps, these homemade lava lamps are non-toxic and unheated.

Mason Jar Lava Lamp

One week ago my Lava Lamp broke, It fell off the table and onto the floor shattering into a million pieces. I was very disappointed! I loved watching the colored.

Easy DIY 3D Printed Electric Longboard!

This instructable will teach you the easiest way to build an electric longboard with Printed part. The longboard has a Top Speed of about 34 Kph a.

PEX Piping: Everything You Need to Know

PEX supply pipe is the biggest revolution in plumbing and we'll answer common questions homeowners have about it and also give you some tips.

Tea Light / Flowerpot Heater- This Tea Light and Flowerpot Heater will keep a small room warm quite inexpensively. There are videos on YouTube explaining the science, but from what I’ve observed thus far, they actually work! There are also a lot of “preppers” that keep these on hand as they are a cheap way to keep warm at just 4 cents/hr. Let me know if you want me to make one (or two) for you and what kind of stand, if any, you’d like to hang it from.

Tea Light / Flowerpot Heater- This Tea Light and Flowerpot Heater will keep a…