A fallen Canadian soldier with a bullet hole in his helmet lies on a pebble beach after the failed Dieppe Raid.

Canada at War: Clearing the Coast -

Canada at War: Clearing the Coast

Captains E. McGivern and J. Medhurst examining a German pillbox fortification.

The beach front at Dieppe, a photo taken just after the raid ...Operation Jubilee, August 1942

The beach front at Dieppe, a photo taken just after the raid .

German position looking down on the beach at Dieppe.

Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid Looking back on Dieppe A Canadian POW March across the Baltic Escape

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A casino on the beach destroyed during the Dieppe Raid on August 19 1942

The Dieppe Raid: the forgotton D-Day

On the anniversary of the disastrous Dieppe Raid, Gerard Gilbert looks back at the motivation for the allied attack on the German-occupied port that left thousands killed or wounded.

Dieppe 1942  Operation Jubilee

Actually one of the main reasons the Canadians were chosen for this raid was because the Canadian government demanded that their troops be c.

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This is a picture of the Dieppe Raid, Canada and the british landed on the shore to attack Germany, but Germany was ready and there were over 7000 causalities. The public was shocked and now so many families lost a member and it was a sad point in time.

German soldiers pass by Canadian tank "Churchill", lined the street of French Dieppe

Disaster at Dieppe due to poor planning and enemy readiness - Sussex Express