CN Tower and Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto,ontario, Canada

CN Tower and Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto,ontario, Canada SORRY, I am a Montreal Canadian's Fan! Have a good hockey season to the Leafs & Canadians.

Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie James Reimer's Optimus Reim mask

The National Hockey League (NHL) pits 30 teams who play against each other throughout the regular season in North America with the goal of earning a playoff

Toronto Maple Leafs Poster

Toronto Maple Leafs

Play: Toronto Maple Leafs is my favourite hockey team. I pinned this because it represents A sport that I have loved to play since I was the age of I will continue to play this sport when i am older and stay fit and healthy doing it.

Toronto Maple Leafs - James Reimer - Glove save.

Game 7 - Reimer needs to continue to shine if the Leafs are going to beat the Bruins tonight. GO LEAFS GO!

Toronto Maple Leafs

Be in Toronto to watch the game when the Maple Leafs finally win the cup :) (truthfully, watching any Canadian hockey team, in person, in the finals would be awesome)