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Often times when I’m at a high level pain this happens. I don’t mean to come off as ‘rude’ or ‘uninterested’, this is me battling the pain and attempting some sort of a normal conversation. Please be patient with me and please no judgement.

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We try really hard to look good! We often hear "you don't look sick" but the truth is that most of us try very hard to pass as normal. We rest before going out and take our pain meds at the optimal time. on Pain: 'Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there'

16 things chronic pain sufferers want you to know-a great article to send to family and friends.

Chronically-awesome: At times we hurt so much and are tired from trying to play healthy that we feel like laying down right then and there, but we (usually) hold it in until we get home to our beds.

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All we need is your love an understanding Things People in Chronic Pain Want You to Know

You don’t need to give us suggestions or medical advice - When we are venting about our situation what we really need is to be heard and understood, not given advice. We appreciate the thought, but it can be exhausting hearing advice all the time and frustrating when it doesn’t work. Unless we ask or you have chronic pain yourself, it’s best to leave this to the experts ‎

There’s a lot I’ve been hearing about this insane virus, so what better way for us to really get our mind around this “craze” than with Oprah Gifs?

Studies have shown that, generally speaking, people tend underestimate other people’s pain

16 Things People in Chronic Pain Want You to Know - The Pain Relief Foundation

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16 Things People in Chronic Pain Want You to Know - The Pain Relief Foundation

With Chronic Pain -it can be hard to find a good doctor - Unfortunately, most health care professionals have little knowledge in pain management because it is rarely part of their training. We often go through many doctors before receiving a proper diagnosis and wait months to years (literally!) to see a pain specialist for treatment. Also, doctors too fall victim to the cognitive error ‎

Good Doctors are hard to find Things People in Chronic Pain Want You to Know