Build your own burger bar.

A MINI BURGER BAR! This is a FABULOUS idea! So great for a kids b-day party! I might have to try this for April's next party and with the Float Bar again hmmm. Can't go wrong with mini burgers at a 3 year holds party.

25 Tables to Inspire Your Next Outdoor Dinner Party via Brit + Co.

note the yellow gingham on the burlap runner. Gorgeous yellow and white wedding table setting - eco wedding decor

Add pearl colored balloons to a wall for a "bubble effect" that effortlessly makes any reception or engagement party elegant!

15 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With A Balloon

Balloons taped to a wall to resemble by bubbles. This would be awesome at a bridal shower or another kind of party with a champagne bar. Love this idea! Use pearlescent colors for an adult party and primary colors for a kids' party.

Princess Dress Birthday Cake! For inspiration only, but just look at the picture and have fun with this!!

Princess dress birthday cake, could use white frosting and tulle for a bridal shower!

Baby fruit salad

Watermelon baby cradle

Baby Fruit Salad - My sister did this for my shower last year and it was SO cute and perfect! (my 3 yr old niece was excited to tell grandpa she "ate a baby.

Flowering Watermelon Garden

Flowering Watermelon Garden

How to Carve a Watermelon Flower Garden. Everyone loves the look of a beautiful garden with blooming flowers. Now you can bring this joy to the table by carving a watermelon like a flower garden. It's a fantastic centerpiece which will.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Find the perfect thanksgiving recipe with our thanksgiving recipe collection. There's something for everyone from our collection of thanksgiving favorites.