My Creative Corner!: Elf Kisses

No, not Cookies but a Cute Gift or Stocking Stuffer. The cute poem reads: With Little elf eyes watching you, There's not a lot that Santa misses, So to help you be good today, Here's a bunch of sweet Elf kisses.

Make all of these frosting colors with just a standard box of yellow, red, green, and blue food coloring!

Frosting Color Chart - Make all these colors with a standard box of red, green, yellow, and blue food coloring! Add the designated number of drops of food color to 1 cup of white frosting. More colors combos here at annanadblue.

A couple days ago, I had a huge craving for Puffed Wheat Squares. I told JB, “I want to make puffed wheat squares!” and he looked and me like I was crazy said “what are puffed whe…

A Canadian Treat: Puffed Wheat Squares

Two-Bite Cheesecakes recipe at

This scrumptious Two-Bite Cheesecakes recipe is ideal for potlucks, grown-up birthday parties, the holiday dessert table—pretty much any time a tasty treat is wanted!

Recipe:Avocado, Prosciutto, and Tomato Breakfast Salad With Soft Boiled Eggs

Avocado, Prosciutto, and Tomato Breakfast Salad With Soft Boiled Eggs - healthy and filling!

African Peanut Soup    This is one of my favourites....I add more spice....cumin, cayenne....

Peanut Soup African Style This is a great recipe combination of flavours including onion, capsicum, garlic and tomato; but the real surprise comes from the peanut butter that creates this unique but tasty soup.