Iceberg back home

An impressive iceberg arrived in Newfoundland’s Goose Cove in mid-July. “Icebergs float in from Greenland,” said the photographer, Gene Patey. This one briefly blocked the town’s harbor before.

Fort Amhurst, St. John's

The water between Fort Amherst and Cape Spear is visited by their share of icebergs; this berg must have created quite the stir in the city. Photo by Brian Carey


Beautiful photo of a rainy day in the city of 10000 colours - St.

View from Signal Hill, St. John's

View from Signal Hill, St.

Moose on the loose

Great shot of the Moose on Duckworth Street, St. Looks like its on its way to Tims! Again, watch the moose.

Newfoundland Harbour 1955

Newfoundland Harbour 1955

Newfoundland dog - puppy so cute!

Newfoundland dog - puppy so cute!

Someones home sweet home

The Battery. Where Grey and I went to pick up Duffy, our golden retriever.