Towel Warmers/Blanket Warmers... Nice for after a shower... Want!!

I have this towel warmer - nothing is more satisifying than getting a warm towel after you bath or shower but this particular warmer doesnt keep the towel warming long enough. by the time im out of the shower the towel is almost room temp again.

Pivot Power Outlet - compact extension cord, folds flat

I carry mine around when I am out in the field for work. So handy and easily packs with my laptop. Pivot Power Outlet - compact extension cord, folds flat YES!

‘Copy & Paste Tool' is a portable scanner and printer

Conceptual Copy Paste Tool is a Portable Scanner and Printer In One. Copy Paste can print directly into one’s notebook; additional paper is not required.

I could use these all over the house.

Targus Plug-N-Power charging station with USB charging ports. Triple socket wall outlet adapter with 2 integrated USB ports for powering and/or fully charging Apple iOS devices and other USB equipped mobile devices.

bluelounge minidock--charges right out of the outlet--no phone w/ a cord laying around

10 Awesome Accessories to Organize Your Office

Don't leave your phone and cords all over the floor // Here are 10 Awesome Accessories to Organize Your Office

This is a VERY creative design to have in the kitchen. I still perfer to have the original packaging to refer to the labels & --God forbid-- the lot numbers for any recalls.

Play in style with your kitchen decoration. Wondering, as to how? The dry food dispenser lets you add decoration to your kitchen counter-tops. Credited as “Smart Space”, the dispenser is designed by Zervo which dresses up your kitchen smartly.

Charge your phone anywhere with this solar window charger.

8 Solar-Powered Mobile Chargers

Solar energy undoubtedly is one of the best eco-friendly discoveries in the world. The XD Design solar window charger uses the solar energy to the optimum level. This window charger can be attached to the window easily and it comes with a small as well.

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 6

Do I Need An iPhone 6

Apple reports sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sold in record numbers in the first 24 hours after the launch last Friday.

Genius! To create a clutter-free parking station, drill a hole in the back of a bread box, insert a rubber grommet, and thread the power-strip cord through. Cut small slits in 1/4-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to create a divider that conceals the power strip and chargers behind it.

20 Savvy Ways to Stay Organized

From bread box to charging station. Convert a bread box into a charging station for small electronic devices. Just drill a hole in the back, insert a rubber grommet, and thread the power-strip cord through.