Bistrot is the outcome of meticulous sourcing of raw materials and a leading-edge production technology. The tiles, in a marble-looking colored body porcelain stoneware, comprise four marbles, Pietrasanta, Calacatta Michelangelo, Marfil and Infinity and one stone, Crux (available in two colours, Taupe and Grey), offered in three finishes.
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Bistrot - #Calacatta #Living

Bistrot Collection: Fine stone and marble effect stoneware

Bistrot - #Infinity #Floor #Tile

Bistrot Wall Collection: wall tiles for bathrooms

Bistrot - #Calacatta #Kitchen

Majolica, cement tiles, stones, marbles and woods

Bistrot - #Taupe #Kitchen

For a more harmonious and vibrant kitchen choose the most suitable kitchen flooring solution. Visit the Ragno site and compare the available options.

Bistrot - #Taupe #Kitchen

RAGNO -TERZO PIANO is taking care of the image production for design brand ragno. This ceramic tiles brand produces tiles for indoor and outdoor have a look