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a wooden table with two chairs next to it on a white floor and one chair has a yellow seat
maruni en
The name “EN”, meaning “one” in Danish and “a circle”, “connection” or “destiny” in Japanese, is especially meaningful for both Maruni and designer Cecile Manz.
two lamps are sitting on a table in front of a wall with a rug hanging above it
Oluce Atollo
a wooden table and chair sitting next to each other on top of a white floor
The 2022 collection from Maruni is here!
For more information about these beautiful pieces, contact us via our website or visit us in person!
a modern living room with a large sectional couch and footstool on the coffee table
CITE na sofa
come look at one of our favorite pieces from our showroom! the cite na sofa is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable with different sizes and fabrics! come visit our website for more information (link included)
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Prostoria frame table
Coming in a range of sizes, the sleek design of Prostoria's frame table is perfect for home use, and is now available through Cite at 30% off. For more inquiries about this product, call us at 212.431.7272 or contact us through our e-mail:
a white chair sitting on top of a wooden floor
40% sale on Maruni products now until July 4th!
Enjoy these maruni hiroshima chairs, 40% off! For more information about these beautiful and comfortable chairs, contact us via our website or visit us in person!
a black table with a magazine on it next to a gray couch and green rug
Prostoria products 30% off- avet low table & match sofa
Summer is on the way! Our new furniture is fashionable and comfortable, contact us for further questions about our products.
a vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a rock
Marset lighting now 10% off!!
For this month, our marset branded lighting furniture is 10% off sale price. This includes (pictured in order) bicoca lamps, dipping lights, and follow me portable lamps! Visit our website for more info.
a wooden cabinet with two shelves on one side
Cecchini furniture on sale now
boasting a beautiful and sleek design, cecchini's pieces are now 40% off at the CITE showroom until the month ends! enjoy their mesmerizing credenzas (first pic) and wonderful bedside drawers (2nd & 3rd pics) in a variety of options!
a wooden stool with black metal legs and a seat on the backrest, against a white background
Prostoria strain barstool - now 30% off!
All prostoria branded furniture that Cite provides, including these wonderful and comfortable strain barstools, is now offered at 30% off ticket price! Come look at our furniture in person on 32 Greene Street, or call us with any questions or comments!
two orange couches sitting next to each other on top of a white surface with black legs
Prostoria 3angle armchair/sofa
3angle comes in both armchair and sofa versions, and with a variety of color and fabric options. With its unique design, this piece of furniture will certainly brighten up your decor. Available on the CITE website at 30% off until the end of March 2021!
two glass tables sitting next to each other
Prostoria Avet tables
Beautiful clear Avet tables now available in the CITE showroom at 30% off ticket price. With its mesmerizing fragile design, these tables are fantastic in design and functionality.
a pink chair with chrome legs and a white back rest on an isolated white background
Cite gk chairs, now 50% off!
Please view our beautiful cite gk chairs, available in multiple colors, fabrics, and bases. This chair can be made from leather, ppm, or leatherette fabric, and comes with a slide base or dining base. This product is now half off, alongside our other cite branded products. Contact us now for further inquiries!
a brown wooden chair on a white background
Maroni roundish chair
Beautiful maruni roundish chairs available in the showroom in different colors and finishes, 40% off now! Contact us or visit us in person to ask about our products.
a wooden chair with black metal legs
Prostoria strain low chairs
Beautiful Prostoria low chairs available in different colors and fabrics. All Prostoria furniture is 40% off in the showroom. Come take a look at 32 Greene Street or contact us via phone or e-mail!