Love This! Would you consider turning an outdoor shed into a Woman Cave?

I thought this was a joke!Quaint: Manjit Sidhu, a police officer, lives in Solihull with her daughter. She uses her 'she' shed when she needs to forget about work

Little but Perfect!

Lindsay Bowring Coombe, lives in Bredhurst, Kent, sits in the striped armchair inside her 'she' shed and transports herself back to to idyllic childhood seaside holidays

Inside the Sweet shop!

Decorations: There are cushions, strawberry-print curtains, bunting and fairy lights. Her children decided to call it the Sweet Shop - not because it's full of toffees and bonbons, but because it looks good enough to eat

The Sweet Shop!

21 Amazing She-Sheds: A Womans Answer To The Man Cave - Model Home Interior Design

Cutest Diner Ever!

No husbands allowed! Think sheds are only a refuge for men? These women built their own backyard havens

A Diner Theme!

Fifties Tribute To Mum & Dad Ann Bate, lives in St Helens, Merseyside, with her husband Ian, They own a launderette and have two adult daughters.

The room looks Huge from the inside!

Inspiration: Tatiana Hardisty, an English teacher, fitted panes designed to resemble the art nouveau windows of the main thoroughfare in St Petersburg, Russia, where she grew up

A Glamorous Sewing Room on the inside!

Storage: She spent on building the tent when she ran out of room in her house for her sewing equipment. A idyllic crafting 'she-shed'

Ultimate Female Organization! Oh the colors!-Even the computer monitor is Pink!

OrganisedThe by tent is filled with colourful containers and piled with knick-knacks. There is a desk, chair and computer ¿ and painted fluffy white clouds on the ceiling