These chocolatey bites are flourless and so easy to make and healthier with the addition of black beans and coconut oil!

Must try this sinless chocolate brownie recipe Giada De Laurentiis - Brownies with Blueberries, Spinach and Flax Meal.

Deep dish coconut cream pie

Dust off your old springform pans and bake up this decadent pie from Chef Randy Feltis!

Delicious and easy to make triple chocolate brownie cookies that anyone can whip up for a last minute bake sale.

Attract a big crowd at the bake sale by adding lemon zest to your next batch of classic date squares!

Lemon blueberry tart

Adding seasonal blueberries takes this lemon tart to the next level. Taking the time to make the crust from scratch makes all the difference!

Decadent brownies

Mairlyn Smith has perfected the brownie. You can add the toppings of your choice -- chocoholics of all ages will love these!

Ricardo's Apple Pudding Cake

Apple Pudding Cake

Ricardo Cuisine helps you find that perfect recipe for a smooth dessert. Learn how to make lemon pudding cake, pouding chomeur, and more.

Chocolate beet brownies

Chocolate-beet brownie recipe - Chatelaine 1 cup whole wheat flour cup cocoa powder tsp salt 225 g chopped dark chocolate cup coconut oil 3 eggs cup coconut sugar 2 tsp vanilla 2 cups grated beets

Sweet Dutch baby

These puffy pancakes have many unusual names including Bismarcks and Dutch puffs.

Banana cake

Banana Cake ~ Chef Devan Rajkumar‘s mom joins him on Cityline to make her famous banana cake recipe!

Earl grey & vanilla pears

These deliciously syrupy pears are a great addition to vanilla ice cream - yum!

Chocolate & blueberry pudding cake

Chef Ricardo fills this cake with dark chocolate and blueberries for this decadent treat. Serve it warm or cold!

Crisp mini caramel apples​

Take that big apple and cut it down to size for this mini sweet treat from Jillian Harris.

Melting chocolate dome

Party Cake Massimo on City Line Melting Chocolate Dome Try with sponge cake.