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Which Superhero Flies Highest on Social Media?

This is an infographic made by Mashable showing the most popular superheroes and villains as determined by social media mentions. It should come as no surprise that Batman and the Joker got number one, because they're my personal favorites.

Iron Man

Bruce Wayne < Tony Stark due to the simple fact he was brave enough to try and stop all mandarin business himself, to protect all of America, putting him self in danger. Bruce Wayne only cared about protecting himself.-this last comment is perfect

Deadpool, my seven year old cousin compared me to him today and said: if you were in the Marvel Universe, you'd be deadpool's daughter. Needless to say, I was proud. I have taught her well.

In lamest day, in dopest night, no twinkies shall escape my bite. For those who challenge Bea Arthur's might, beware my mouth, by Deadpool's light.