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fall art project printing leaves

Custer did some leaf print paintings with her elementary students in Baltimore that I absolutely loved.

650+ Construction Paper Crafts

Construction Paper Crafts - Fun Family Crafts (I have some of this pinned already, but looks like some good ideas.

Line up chants and great transition songs for when you're leaving the classroom! Think my middle school students could do these as a friendly reminder to be quiet!

Line up chants for lining up and leaving the library? Big Hug I give myself a great big hug I stand up straight and tall I look right in front of me I’m ready for the hall

Designate one student as the "Ask Me" student who can answer the questions of other students while you're busy assisting others. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher! Or, the student can put an Ask Me sign on his/her desk

Goal Setting in the Classroom- love this. Students set smart goals, ones the can measure. I even set a goal and reflect on it too. Kids can check in on me and see how I'm achieving my goals as well.

Fourth Grade Literacy Lovers: Goal Setting in the Classroom-Mrs. D goals instead of smart goals.

Heather Galler folk art.  These are beautiful! - 3rd grade landscape?  I think almost any grade could do it.  Just beautiful.

Heather Galler folk art Lesson on line, shape, pattern & rhythm

This blog has a lot of apps listed and ideas for iPads in a grade one classroom: productivity, voice recording, story makers, show and tell, fine arts, word work, phonics, spelling, abc work, science, math, books, games, photography, movie making, and flash browsers

Learning and Sharing with Ms. Lirenman: Using an iPad in a Grade One Classroom- master iPad

Common Core Star Rubircs and Differentiated Checklists for grade one$

Common Core Star Rubircs and Differentiated Checklists for grade one. I'm not a fan of common core but maybe this will help Ellie navigate next year.

First day of school. Nice idea to see things from a students' perspective. :)

This is a fun idea! Start of the year activity and then do what do you think a teacher wants in a student. Gives everyone an idea of expectations.

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations: Daily 5-2nd Edition Chapter 7 + FREEBIES!

Some great tips and free resources for getting your students started on the Daily 5 Language Arts plan! From Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations