15.  Something new from consumercrafts.com:  I can buy all of the materials to make this lovely Canada Day Centrepiece at ConsumerCrafts.com website:  Ball jars, Americana Decor chalk paint, and sculpey clay.  Easy peezy!  #ConsumerCrafts #SummerParty

Canada Day Centerpiece

Clean Eating Canada Day Cake    I love how they used strawberries to make the canadian flag!  Awesome!

Clean Eating Canada Day Cake

Clean Eating Canada Day Cake will help you celebrate this fun and festive holiday! Brought to you by cookbook author, Tiffany McCauley.

oh Canada... a land of trees, rocks and practical inventions. It is the second largest country, the largest supplier of oil (keep it coming!) , a land that is gloriou

Canada (obviously not created by a Canuck cuz we call it 'back bacon,' not Canadian--that's the American term for it. otherwise agree with everything)

Mini poutine. Edge Hospitality. | Photography by: Purple Tree Photography.

Mini Poutine (popular Canadian dish: french fries topped with cheese curds & gravy) + Mini Crystal Head Vodka _ Edge Hospitality.