Santorini Greece.

Koh Phi Phi Don (Thailand) After Cancun.Phi Phi it is! Don Island is the larger of the two islands and is home to the Krabi’s famous Chao Ley or Sea Gipsy village.

Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada

Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada - I stood in this very area when I went in June 2013

North America’s 8 Best (and Secret) Swimming Holes ... Hamilton Pool, Texas Our second Texas swimming hole, comes by way of the Hamilton Pool grotto. This historic pool is located just 45 minutes outside Austin. In the summer it can get very busy so best to get there early. Also, you definitely want to call or check to see if it's open. I visited in September of 2014, drove all the way there and it was closed due to some clean up they were doing.

A Few of America’s Best (and Secret) Swimming Holes

Lagoon in Lau Archipelago, Fiji No: This is Hamilton pool in Dripping Springs, TX

The Grotto: Tobermory, ON. I would love to dive this cave in the future, but the hike around is great too!

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Canadas Gorgeous Grotto Found within Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Georgian Bay grotto gets its shape from centuries of waves carving away at the surrounding rock.