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Sometimes small changes can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your day.Take salad dressing – your go-to bottle of dressing may be getting a bit ho-hum. Try making your own and see for yourself how this simple change can brighten your lunch.I’ve created a basic apple cider vinegar dressing ...

6 Easy Salad Dressings to Make with Apple Cider Vinegar ~ Looking to get a boost of daily energy? Are you dieting? Do you have a skin condition? Or, just want to improve your overall health? Start using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Skinny One Point Pancakes - each pancake is just 40 calories and 1 Weight Watchers Smart Point.

You felt so clever ordering that salad for lunch. Too bad it clocked in at 870 calories. (Damn you* bacon bits.) Here* 13 delicious brown-bag meals that contain fewer than 400 calories a serving. So you can treat yourself to some dessert* of course.

Apple Cranberry Almond Coleslaw - love that it uses mostly Greek yogurt instead of mayo! Easy, healthy, delicious!

1 Cabbage, small c Cranberries, dried 2 Gala apples, large c Green onions 1 c Matchstick carrots c Honey c Mayonnaise 1 Salt and freshly ground black pepper Oils & Vinegars 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar c Almonds c Greek yogurt, fat free

Cancer ♋; read me like a book I constantly say "I don't know" in order to avoid talking about my feelings, so when I reach my breaking point, I get angry with the people who don't deserve it..

I took my mothers advice and did this years ago, granted my life is way better off without them, nothing much has changed otherwise. Just a huge sense of relief, like no extra weight to carry anymore. I guess that alone is enough.

I hate that I do this, it's subconscious...and then all of a sudden I see it again and I recognize a clear pattern. It sucks but is beneficial as well...Gemini

I hate that I do this, it's subconscious.and then all of a sudden I see it again and I recognize a clear pattern. It sucks but is beneficial as well. but omg it sucks so bad sometimes