gabriel Cloutier Tremblay

gabriel Cloutier Tremblay

gabriel Cloutier Tremblay
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Gears of War

Here we have Clayton Carmine from Gears of War Drawn for as a prize for a contest on This is easily the most detailed picture I've done. Clayton Carmine - Gears of War

Por los caídos. ❤ #GearsOfWar #Gears #Carmine #RIP

Some problems can't be solved with a chainsaw bayonet. Well, really I guess to some extent. All problems can be solved with a chainsaw bayonet.

ArtStation - The Gears 4 Art Book - Swarm Drone, Haiwei Hou

Renders that featured in the Gears 4 Art Book - Character posing - Lighting in Unreal - Rendering in Unreal * Thanks to the amazing teams at coalition studio for supporting the Creative Service team and myself composing shots for marketing purpose!