start in January! spring break ready

Join my Bikini Boot Camp Challenge! 11 workouts & 11 weeks to your Best Beach-Ready Bikini Body! Well, I doubt I will wear a bikini but the workout looks fun and tough.

22 Best Exercises for a Perfect Butt

this site shows 22 ways to shape your butt! A side lunge is very similar to a front lunge, only instead of stepping directly forward with one leg, you’ll go forward and to the right … I definately need to shape my butt!

Great way to start your day…

Great way to start your day…

The Simple Morning Workout. I don't work out in the morning, but I will definitely incorporate this into my regular exercises

BUTT & THIGHS Boom-Boom Bikini Booty Workout

Boom-Boom Bikini Booty Workout for Your Butt & Thighs: Work It Out Wednesday - BexLife by Rebekah Borucki

3 Ways to Stretch for the Splits - wikiHow #fitness #health

Stretch for the Splits

How to Stretch for the Splits. Doing the splits refers to a position which is highly regarded as an indicator of flexibility. Splits can not only be used in gymnastics but also many forms of dance, cheer-leading, figure skating, martial.

How to Squat - For Women

Squats are one of the best butt exercises you can do to build a nice round booty and sexy legs. Make sure you keep your abs tight, back straight, weight on h.


My five year old walks around singing this song.maybe if I do this challenge, I'll have great legs for summer! 'Call Me Maybe' Mighty Squat Challenge! KILLS your legs but it's a great, fast workout! I highly recommend! All of her videos are great!