Imac desktop

Apple introduces the iMac computer, initiating a trend in computer design towards translucent plastics and multicolor case design.

I Mac

By: Alexander V Wesley [Dior Homme] 2013 I bought an old iMac for my brother to run his first online business "male underwear". It was broken couple months ago but my brother gain a lot of experiences. If I need a desktop, I will take a new iMac.


Apple said to be testing three iPhone 5 models, including one with a slide-out keyboard

the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy case; it uses bluetooth to connect to your iphone so you can use a physical keyboard


This is a very old iPhone 5 mockup, and it is basically a poorly Photoshopped photo. But it's worth chronicling, since it depicts an ultra-thin iPhone 5 with an edge-to-edge screen.