way-Eve Clermont Lohman I couldn't resist, it was Canadian and had Robin Sparkles!

alberta ! :/

It was really warm, and then two days later - snow storm! That's Michigan


Welcome to Canada, where we don't care who you marry so long as you both watch hockey.If you are calling Canada and all lines are busy, we are watching the hockey game. Call us back later.

Canadians being Canadians…

Honesty: The automatic gate was broken and there were no workers present, yet people still paid.

Canadian rainbow! Our money is awesome!!!

Canada: The First Nation With Openly Gay Currency. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

A bus stop with swings…that plays musis when people swing in harmony. Lovely idea..

Funny pictures about A bus stop with swings. Oh, and cool pics about A bus stop with swings. Also, A bus stop with swings.

Canadian Problem. Especially after a Tim's run.

Ya da and if they win i win cause it's my money that bought you that free donut

Canadian... Ok this is just too true and funny too :D

Canada, an infographic with words (lots of words, some of which are funny).kinda missing nb and ns from the map. Can't be a map of canada a leave out 2 provinces

Canadian humour

WICKED - Only in New England. New England Welcome Sign of the Day: Spotted by Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire on New Year’s Eve.