The oldest deli in Canada  A true Montreal landmark situated on the historic "Main"  It's yummy but I like Smoked Meat Pete's even better.  Standing in a very LONG line!

The oldest deli in Canada A true Montreal landmark situated on the historic "Main" Blvd. St Laurent The best smoked meat in the world!

Schwartz's - World Famous Original Smoked Meat! Over 80 years of tradition - A Montreal classic. The oldest deli in Canada.

Discover Schwartz's in Montreal, Canada: A Montreal deli that was so beloved that it was allowed to circumvent their laws of language.

Ben's Deli was my first introduction to Montreal deli food. It was a huge space. The menu included Montreal smoked meat (fat, medium, and lean) the tallest cheesecakes I've ever seen, real cherry coke, and latkes. The waiters were amazing, dressed in waist aprons and bow ties, gruff, but really good. It closed years ago, and nothing remains. I still miss this place.

Had lunch here once in Ben's Deli in Montreal, sat next to Lee Marvin the actor

Mile End Delicatessen - Montreal style pastrami, a fantastic sandwich

Mile End / Brooklyn - inventive Jewish deli with major nod to one of my fave cities: Montreal, QC!

There is much debate over the origins of Montreal-style Romanian Jewish smoked meat , however most agree that it was introduced to Canada in 1894 by Abraham Leon Kaplansky which is documented by his yiddish ad in New York's Jewish Gazette (at that time the only Yiddish papers available in Montreal came from New York)  Whatever the history, there is nothing quite like a piled-high Montreal-style smoked meat sandwich.  Here is a recipe to try it at home.

Montreal Smoked Meat – Sailor Rick Style

Cured Beef Brisket Primer Pastrami, Corned Beef, Montreal Smoked Meat or whatever name you are familiar with are all made from the same beast (beef) but they are hardly the same beast.