So the other week we showcased some Time Magazine Covers - and you guys seemed to really enjoy them! So today we are showcasing another iconic magazine - L

For those of us who grew up in the "Chicagoland Area"... Ray Raynor, Chauncey the duck, Chelveston the puppy and Cuddly Dudly. I loved my Cuddly Dudley stuffed dog. It was always exciting when Christmas came near. He would play the Hardrock, Coco and Joe, and Suzy Snowflake cartoons!

Ray Rayner, Cuddly Duddly, & Chelveston the duck (Church Dog?

Expo 67 Air Canada pavilion

Expo 67 officials decided to allow free reign in architectural style as long as participant's pavilions fit in with the overall theme "Man and his World.

Betsy McCall at Expo 67

Betsy McCall Writes from Expo 67 paper doll, from the August issue of McCall's magazine, United States, by McCall's Corp.

expo 67

Here are some highlights from the official guidebook to the 1967 World's Fair held in Montréal, Quebec. The book belonged to my grandparents.

Life Cover April 28, 1967 - Expo 67 by Light Collector, via Flickr

- In Montreal, Prime Minister Lester Pearson lighted a flame to open Expo Life Magazine April 1967 featured Expo Montreal's World's Fair

Suzy Snowflake  - I waited for this every Christmas!  Along with Hardrock, Coco & Joe , and Frosty the Snowman  WGN T.V. Channel 9!  ahhhh...memories....  :)

Suzy Snowflake Note: This Brings Back SO Many Memories . I used to watch this during Christmas time in Chicago!

Habitat ’67, designed as part of the Expo '67, Montreal. Photo courtesy of Timothy Hursley

From Montreal’s Habitat 67 comes their specialist accommodation: “Apartments that look like stacked boxes.” This is what a god’s place would look like if they were getting ready to move out.

Hardrock, Coco & Joe - The Three Little Dwarfs. Played on WGN peridically around Christmas in the 50's/60's/70's.

"Hardrock, Coco and Joe". A Christmas tradition on Chicago TV since the early