Sunnyside Pavilion

A classic formal venue with breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and the western beaches. Wow your guests in this elevated sheltered section of the historic Sunnyside Pavilion.


Making Boiler House Restaurant your Toronto Wedding Restaurant and you won't be dissapointed. Consider it for your Toronto Engagement Venue too!


Image 8 of 15 from gallery of Ford Assembly Building / Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects. Photograph by Billy Hustace Photography

Thompson Landry Gallery - Cooperage Building - Venue/Rental

The Thompson Landry Gallery offers elegant table settings in a beautifully modern yet rustic atmosphere

Toronto Wedding Chapel Ceremony

An elegantly decorated chapel and wedding reception space, catering to all of your wedding needs with custom packages, includes seating for up to 25 guests.

Events | 99 SUDBURY

Events | 99 SUDBURY


Borgata Wedding and Event Venue has so much to offer for either your engagement or as your Toronto Wedding Location.

Thompson Landry Gallery - Cooperage Building - Venue/Rental

Thompson Landry Gallery showcases both the very best of the new generation of contemporary artists, as well as the great masters of Quebec.