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I chose this Pin because it is the machine that I spend all of my free time on. I play on the Xbox every day and enjoy every second I am on it. I feel like it rivals the Ps4 in everyway and is just a better more sleeker looking console. The graphics that it puts out are amazing and it gives me the best responce time on any console that I have played on.

The Xbox One S - which does more than just play games - also features an Ultra HD Blu-ray Player.

I chose this Pin because bastion is my favorite character in the game Overwatch. I like playing him because he is easy to use and does a lot of damage to the enemy team especially when he uses his tank ability. Out of everyone in the game I feel like he is the best out of all of them because of his super fast rate of fire and his quick relodes.

Ah Bastion, the original bringer of frustration in low-elo. Honestly I don't get it but what do I know, people rarely play him successfully in any of my games xP Originally I put him off until the .

I chose this image purely because I like the look of the plane breaking the sound barrier. I would have never guessed that you would actually be able to see the plane breaking the sound barrier but I guess when you are going that fat anything is possible. I would never want to ride in that kind of a plane because im afraid of heights and probably would throw up going at that speed.

Super Hornet breaking the sound barrier . Actually this phenomenon usually happens when a jet breaks through a frontal boundary at subsonic speed

I chose this Pin because I feel like this event was good and bad, for one it gave the american's hope that the German zeppelin could be destroyed but on the other hand it killed a lot of people. The German zeppelin was made out of cow stomache. The stomache of the cow was mostly air tight and gave the zeppelin the power to float above the clouds without using to much feul. One day I hope to take a ride in a zeppelin and experience what it is really like.

The airship Hindenburg exploding into a huge ball of fire as it came in for a landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 1937 (© Bettmann/Corbis) Oh, the humanity! The Hindenburg explosion is explained after 75 years