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a glass jar filled with lots of cards on top of a wooden table
Mindfulness Cards Inhale Exhale Meditation Cards - Mindfulness Journal Prompts -Affirmation Vision Board - Printable Intention Cards
Over 150 digital downloadable cards (in both watercolor background and ink friendly version) with inspiring messages to encourage mindfulness and reflection; to focus on positive energy and intentions; and to inspire you to let go of what isn't serving you or isn't helping you move forward on this journey. Inhale Positivity and Exhale all the stress and negativity that's weighing you down! Sharing these meditative calming cards is a fun way to spread inspiration to family, friends, fitness & wel
someone is cutting out some small pieces of paper
Make a miniature postcard from a recycled photo
Make a miniature postcard from a recycled photo | Craft Gossip | Bloglovin’
two pink and blue envelopes sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table
triangle letter how-to
put a fun twist on snail mailing and fold your envelopes into triangles!
a postcard with an image of a man holding a woman's hand on it
How to write a letter to a friend ——> The fool-proof formula
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