Jessica Stefanow

Jessica Stefanow

Jessica Stefanow
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(1) "All day within the dreamy house ... .

A very old farm house in Kent. That House

(2) The doors upon their hinges

The doors upon their hinges

(4) The blue fly

The blue fly

(5) sung in the pane;

sung in the pane;

(6) the mouse

This is Ferb, one of my two pet mice. He is a common mouse or mus musculus, commonly the kind of used in laboratorys.

(8) shrieked,

Shriek by guitarjohnny

(9) Or from the crevice

A Wood pile behind my neighbor's house.

(10) peered about.

(10) peered about.

(12) glimmered through the doors,

Realistic Sources of Hope Without hope, we wither.

(13) Old footsteps trod

Old footsteps trod

(14) the upper floors,

the upper floors,