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Connie Puetz

Connie Puetz
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Inuit made men's sealskin boots

By BSM Senior Curator Elizabeth Semmelhack This winter has been one full of more than the average amount of ice and snow here in.

Inuit made women's sealskin kamiks by Meeka Arnakaq SOLD for $640

Inuit made women's sealskin kamiks by Meeka Arnakaq SOLD for $640

Definitely something I want to see happen, maybe even cure it

Must have hope, belief & faith that a cancer cure will be found! Too many have been diagnosed with cancer! RIP MOM, WHO PASSED AWAY ON Liver Cancer). My dad died of cancer back in Nov., Other family and loved one's have passed too.

Not all cancer is pink. There are many different kinds of cancer other than breast cancer. Let's spread awareness for all forms. Every form matters, every life matters :)

Pink is important too, of course, but when you have leukemia it's disappointing to see the amount of pink put out in stores, gas stations, etc. in anticipation of BC awareness next month while it's leukemia awareness month right now.

Max and Ava bracelets from Mexico!!

Max and Ava bracelets from Mexico!

Fund childhood cancer research!!

Keep Calm & Support Childhood Cancer! Pediatric Cancer Awareness, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Snelson Snelson Sics America Arabian (Vignette Design) Arabian (Vignette Design) Cook for Kids' Cancer

This is sooo wrong!!

Relay for Life gives of their funds to childhood cancer research. Total of all research funds given to childhood cancer research is less than TOTAL.