Bay of Fundy

Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. Twice everyday the Bay of Fundy fills and empties of its 100 billion tonnes of water, creating the highest tides in the world.

Quebec City, Quebec

The Château Frontenac is a grand hotel in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, which is operated as Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. Château Frontenac is situated at an altitude of 56 m. It was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in

Bay of Fundy

Beautiful Nova Scotia

Historic Lunenburg (eastern shore) Nova Scotia, Canada www.hickerphoto,com

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is one of the most beautiful city around the world. Discover the 10 best activities to do in winter, summer and in all seasons in this welcoming town.

Bay of Fundy.

Bay of Fundy. My childhood playground. You don't realize how much you miss the East Coast, until you see pictures like this. You can almost smell the salty air.


Coves, cliffs and lighthouses of Canada's epic east coast - Lonely Planet