Do melonpan ever remind you of a turtle's back? It sure does to us - that's why we created the Turtle Melonpan. These guys are way too cute to eat!

Turtle Bread - Melon pan recipe - Cooking with Team J

These little piggies went to the market and never came back :(  These guys are too cute to eat! A classic twist on the Pork Steamed Buns (Nikuman). Instructions on the blog.

This is a fun twist on your traditional pork steamed buns - These pig steamed buns are so cute you won't want to eat them! Look at those little piggies :)

Cold Soba Noodle is a very popular summer dish in Japan. It is often served with a soy sauced based dipping sauce. Recipe on the blog.

Cold soba noodles with dipping sauce is a popular Japanese dish eaten during the summer time.

Chirashi bowl - If you love sushi - you'll love chirashi as it's essentially sashimi on top a bed of sushi rice. It looks beautiful too! Instructions on the blog.

Chirashi bowl - Cooking with Team J