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So I really think there's a neat and cool (but somehow sad) story behind these lockets that Undertaker keeps with him at all times. You can see this cle. Undertaker~ The Locket Chain

Black Butler--now I feel bad for Ciel.

And that's why I believe that Sebastian has at least some sort of feeling of love towards ceil because after all the pain he's gone through he's still kinder then alois or alot of other people.

Ciel Phantomhive

I feel so sorry for Ciel. But on the other hand, I think heartbreak makes you stronger and that his history has shaped him into a really strong and intelligent person. «-- I agree with this comment, but still he makes me cry.

Ciel x Alios, + Luca. it looks like me and alois had a kids not that i dont want to have witha alois i meen gee luca

Alois, Luka ( I think that's his name and how it's spelt ), and Ciel. I apologize for not remembering Alois' younger brothers name.

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For fans of Sebastian Michaelis, One hell of a butler, from Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)

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