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Pra não errar na hora de escolher o que comer (ou beber) ;-)

I admit it. As a beer lover, I have hopped on the craft beer train. (Whoot, whoot!) This train is movin’ at lightning speed, and it’s going places we’ve never …Read more

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The refreshing thing about newer craft beer culture is that rule breaking is expected and encouraged. Brewers are steadily more flavor-adventurous, uninhibited, and just ballsy overall when it comes to manipulating their process. Herbal hops, yeast traces... #amberales #beer #beerandfoodpairing

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Interactive Beer Style Guide

Choose These Styles If You're Introducing Someone to Craft Beer

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Peach Moon - Blue Moon beer, peach schnapps and orange juice. Perfect for summer around the pool.

Peach Moon

Blue Moon beer, peach schnapps and orange juice. Quite easily my new favourite drink for the summer. I saw this, as many others have, on Pinterest as it's making the rounds. I liked it and tucked it away to have a look at later when I had the ingredients to make it. I finally bought myself some Blue Moon, clicked on the link and realized it was just a link to a restaurant's drink menu - no recipe!! Aarrrgh!! How much peach schnapps?? How much OJ?? Is it like a shandy type drink with half OJ…

Poorly written, but a good guide. We both LOVE Hefeweizen. German is best, American craft is pretty good too.

Drink Chiller | SpinChill

The most convenient way to make drinks cold, fast. SpinChill is a drink chiller designed to fix warm drinks in under a minute.

Torpedo Extra IPA | Sierra Nevada: A "Hop Torpedo" indeed! Citrus, super piney, and tropical. Includes the much-raved-about Citra hop. LOVE this beer!

Torpedo - Citrus, Pine & Floral IPA | Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Our “Hop Torpedo” amplifies big aromas of citrus, pine, and herbal character. By using this method of dry hopping, Torpedo has more flavor and aroma, not more bitterness.

The ever pressing question, what to serve? I think this light, summery, and appropriately named beer would do.

Honey Moon Summer Ale from Blue Moon Brewing Co. Beer Sessions

A few of you recommended this beer in our round-up of favorite summer beers a few weeks back. With its promise of honey and orange, Honey Moon Summer Ale definitely sounded like the perfect companion to a lazy afternoon of sun and summer reading. And that’s exactly what we did! Have you tried this beer?Beer Details: Honey Moon Summer Ale from Blue Moon Brewing Company, $7.00 for 6 12-ounce bottles and available May through mid-August. (5. - Bringing Good Beers & Good People Together...: Stone Updates Mixed 12-Pack

Stone Updates Mixed 12-Pack

From Stone: We aim to keep you on your toes and never let you get bored. Not that it's possible to be bored drinking a Stone beer...but just in case focusing on one great beer at a time isn't exciting enough for you, we've mustered up another tasty Mixed 12 Pack. Introducing our latest glorious beer assemblage, with three cherished Stone favorites plus one newcomer, Stone Delicious IPA, that's destined for greatness. Some of our highest-rated brews round out the rest of the lineup: Stone…

Guiness Blonde - This one, I did not like at all. Total fail for me.

Guiness Blonde - This one, I did not like at all. Total fail for me.