The Haunted Walk

Now entering our season, The Haunted Walk is Kingston's most popular walking tour company. Join us for The Original Haunted Walk of Kin.

Glassblowing at Flo Glassblowing

Something fun for the blowhard in your life - a peek inside the fishbowl

Canada! Hell ya! (RCMP Musical Ride)

Is it weird?

That my favorite shot from the other night at the Sunset Ceremony (RCMP Musical Ride) is this?

Saunders Farm

Page not found - Saunders Farm

Fletcher Wildlife Garden

Fletcher Wildlife Garden/Jardin Écologique Fletcher, Ottawa Ontario (Location) This AM, I had started off before sunrise driving to the airport so that my wife could catch a flight to Winnipeg.

Mar 25 - April 1/12

Mar 25 - April 1/12

Mmm Wes'. Time for a mid-morning snack - @neeroc- #webstagram

Time for a mid-morning snack -

Mar 25 - April 1/12

Mar 25 - April 1/12

D BBQ - Carlsbad Springs (not for that monstrosity pictured, but it was the only one on the site.) SMOKED Cheesecake people!

D Southern Comfort BBQ Family Restaurant and Catering - Carlsbad Springs, Ontario (near Ottawa)

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