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Shop Cool Canada Bumper Sticker Distressed Maple Leaf created by artist_kim_hunter.

Canada Vignettes: Log Drivers Waltz by John Weldon - NFB. Many Canadian Vignettes here!

Log Driver's Waltz, song written by Wade Hemsworth, sung by Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Animation 1979 by John Weldon, Canada's National Film Board.

Yes...yes it does!!!

Yes...yes it does!!!

With a cozy pair of Canadian mittens like these, cold hands will never be a problem again! The iconic red mittens are worn by Canadians in support of their winter Olympic athletes.

On this day, we thank and honour all those who serve or have served our country. We owe you our lives and our freedoms. Our gratitude is immeasurable. For all that you have sacrificed, we sincerely THANK YOU!

Happy Canada Day

stained glass maple leaf from Margret Billings , paper art card from Valerie Gilbert

Highway of heroes

Highway of heroes

More than once

More than once

Kit Kat Canada Day Cake Recipe - Little Miss Kate

Easy Canada Day Dessert Idea: Kit Kat Canada Day Cake Recipe - Looking for a cake that is not all about strawberries? Well this Kit Kat cake is for you!

Tragically Hip lyrics - deAdder More

Herald cartoonist, and Tragically Hip fan, Michael de Adder created a special editorial cartoon to commemorate the Hip's final performance in Kingston, Ont. RELATED CARTOON: Hip fan de Adder takes to social media to spread RELATED ARTICLES:



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