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two women sitting on the ground in front of a swimming pool with mountains in the background
Local Cave House | First-Timer's Guide to the Fairytale World of Cappadocia
the instagram page for instagram com shows an image of a long swimming pool with palm trees in the background
boats are docked in the water near some mountains and houses on top of a hill
an indoor bar with lots of chairs and palm trees in the center, surrounded by tall ceilings
Surf’s up: Miami’s legendary Surf Club is now resurgent and awash with design talent
Surf’s up: Miami’s legendary Surf Club is now resurgent and awash with design talent | Wallpaper*
the water is crystal blue and clear with some people swimming in it at the bottom
Palawan: The Most Beautiful Island in the World
Kayangan Lake in Coron Island, Palawan | The Philippines' Palawan Island was voted the most beautiful island in the world by Conde Nast Traveler readers
a woman and two dogs are sitting in the water on a floating platform that looks like a boat
Buergenstock Resort, Lucerne, Switzerland
a woman is standing on a surfboard in the clear water near rocks and trees
Clear Water from Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
a man in a kayak paddles through the blue water between red rocks and cliffs
These pictures will make you want to go on a paddleboard adventure | Voyage en arizona, Voyage d'aventure, Beaux endroits
Exploring the milky blue waters of Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Grand Canyon.:
three people in kayaks paddling through the water near large rocks and fallen trees
19 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Oregon - The Crazy Tourist
Opal Creek in Oregon near Bend Visiting Opal Creek is a must for anyone who enjoys exploring rugged and wild forest. Opal Creek is home to eight hiking trails, which take in sights such as five lakes and no fewer than 50 waterfalls. The 20,746-acre site is best visited between April and October and those who want to experience the wilderness up close and personal can even camp overnight at the site too.