The balloon game is one of the best games that I play with my nephew and my parents. A fun time for all ages!

Forrest, Forrest Gump.

Lewtenant Dan!

Forest: what are you doing here Lieutenant Dan? Lieutenant Dan: I wanted to spread my sea legs. Forest: But you aint got no legs Lieutenant Dan. BAHAHHAHAHAHH my fav part of Forest Gump! xD this is the best!

LOVE Big Bang Theory

I *so* love Sheldon off of the Big Bang Theory :D This make me laugh and smile this stupid looking smile.

all but one

I did these<< number 1 I still do. number 2 I did all the time.number 3 I did. number 4 still do. number 5 I still do. that's me!<< I still do number and 5

Glinda's answer

the good witch glinda from the wizard of oz. Wallpaper and background photos of The Lovely Glinda for fans of The Wizard of Oz images.


As the wife of a musician, we almost never get to the dance floor together.

Women are like iPhones...

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 75 images. Women Are Like IPhones And Men Are Like Blackberries


Some people really do have bad luck when it comes to thinking. I'm just gonna go with this.


Too true! And certain other things thought of as disgusting. We've come (or should I spell that differently?) a long way baby.


Well be Friends til were Old and Senile Then well be new friends wood sign. Favorite gift for friend. This handmade sign by Trimble Crafts