Gears and Pulleys

Informal resource video for elementary science teachers based on the Ontario science curriculum unit about pulleys and gears - Grade 4

Great read aloud to go along with our Pulleys and Gears Science unit!

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a fantastic novel written by Brian Selznick. He tells the story of Hugo Cabret; an orphan living in Paris, France. Brian Selznick tells Hugo's story in not just words, but PICTURES!

Pulleys and Gears Posters.

Pulleys and Gears Posters.

Gears and Pulleys Simple Machines Lesson

Simple machines - Pulley system used to send messages or hang clothing in the olden days and maybe even today

Gears and Pulleys Simple Machines Lessons and activities. NOT Ontario specific, from a homeschooling website. Does however have a few good idea that could be incorporated into the Ontario classroom. is a wonderful website full of lesson plans and ideas for Ontario teachers, by Ontario teachers

Gears and Pulleys Simple Machines Lesson - This is part 4 of a 6 part hands-on unit on inventions and simple machines. Build and test pulleys, play pulley tug-of-war, find out how a clock works, and more!