Name practice idea

Introducing writing name.good idea for spelling word practice

Ecrire son prénom, recopier des mots, ...

Could also be used in a spelling center.Lego-out the words. Lego learning games - exploring Lego and play dough. This is a great activity for sensory play, imaginative play, letter recognition and sight words.

Students practice spelling each others names...could do with sight words too!

(As a classroom -Students practice spelling each others names). Homeschool- practice spelling words or sight words.

dollar store facial cloths for dry erase board erasers

Dollar Store facial cleansers for individual dry erase marker board erasers! I've always thought about this, but today I got some heart shaped facial clothes to use on my dry erase boards!

A fantastic idea for a listening corner! Great for Daily 5 - Listen to Reading

CENTERS: If my listening center table on donors choose doesn't get funded I think I'll go to IKEA and make this instead. But I think I'd choose a Lak coffe table instead of the side tables so more kids could fit

Hidden word- write word with white crayon then color over the word with marker.....great center activity and would be great for k-2

Cute idea for spelling/ word wall work Daily 5 Word Work idea- hidden words! Use a white crayon to write the word and a marker to color over.

Étude de mots

Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom. keep learning fun! This is a great way to teach number, time, and many other concepts. It helps the students be hand on with learning. However, the play doe could get messy.

making faces with painted rocks, image via Leesa's House Family Day Care

This week we've been discussing emotions and feelings. To help the children understand their emotions, I painted 'feelings stones' and set up this lovely table, where the children can recreate their own faces - or any silly face they like!

Word work ideas -daily 5 kindergarten

Labels for bins with working with words supplies Gluesticks, Games, and Giggles: Daily 5

I made this for The Daily 5: 3 ways to read a book KINDERWORLD w/ Mrs. Knudson

Teach Your Child to Read - I made this for The Daily 3 ways to read a book KINDERWORLD w/ Mrs. Knudson - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Listening center corner

Great idea for a center! Classroom Organization: Listening Center or Small Group Work area idea. If only I had desks.I do have one small rectangle table.or my trapezoids.

jeu du prénom coupé

jeu du prénom coupé Name puzzle: I would add the student's photo on the right end and laminate the puzzle for continual use throughout the year.

DIY File Crate Seat Tutorial for Preschool or Kindergarten

DIY File Crate Seat Tutorial

file crate seat tutorial - use vinyl tablecloth instead of fabric--cheaper and can be easily wiped off.

Étude de mots ( acheter des petites billes de couleur neutre et les marquer au crayon indélébile)

Spelling practice- beads and pipe cleaners. This would be good word work for sight words too. Or could hot glue pictures to end of pipe cleaners and have students spell the words for each picture using the beads.

Sight word center with snap cubes. This would be a great word work or sight word center!

Sight Word Activities using Snap Cubes {220 Pages!} {Word Work Activities}

Using math snap cubes is a fun way for students to practice their sight words! This would be a great daily 5 word work or literacy center!

For daily 5 read to self.  How to whisper phones.  Here's the price break down: 1  3/4 PVC Pipe 10 ft long = $2.18 5 bags of Elbow PVCs = $11.00 Duct Tape = already had it Total for each piece = $0.52 each phone (25 phones)

Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones--make your own with 3 " pvc pipe and colored duct tape.