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Ditched the winter blues for a dose of cabin coziness at Poplar Woods in Bayfield! 🌨️❄️
Perfect for lovebirds and wilderness seekers craving a serene escape! 🏡💑 Embrace the chilly charm through floor-to-ceiling windows – it's like bringing the outdoors in! 🪟❤️ Who needs snow when you've got the warmth of a cozy retreat? 🔥🏔️
Furry Fiesta: Cottage Chronicles of Adventures, Fetching, and Paw-some Mischief
Three’s not a crowd; it’s a paw-ty at the cottage! Exploring, fetching, and just a hint of mischief #petfriendlyrentals #petfriendlycottage #doglife #beachdog
Nature's Canvas: Explore Woodland Private Retreat's Captivating Views!
Today's adventure took me to Woodland Private Retreat, and let me tell you, it's a game-changer. ⁣Views Views Views, inside and out 🌲🔥 Winter Wonderland By The Lake! ❄️✨ Sparkling lake views, a game room with a pool table, and fires that'll cozy up your soul. Your ultimate winter escape is right here​​​​​​​​​sleeps 14 | 6BR | 3BTH | WIFI | Wood Fireplace | AC | LakeView With Lake Access| Pet Friendly 🐾 Book now, and let the lakeside magic unfold!
Looking for the perfect spot to celebrate life's special moments with your friends?
CottageStays offers cozy and charming cottages that cater to everyone's needs. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, or the end of cancer treatment (woohoo!), our cottages are the perfect place to make memories that will last a lifetime. With endless activities like hiking, winery tours, and shopping, you'll never run out of things to do. Book your cottage rental now and let the good times roll!
Make Your Memories Happen Bring your dog on your next cottage rental vacation
Looking for the perfect getaway to create memories with your loved ones? Look no further than a cozy cottage rental! And now, you can even bring your furry friend along for the adventure. With plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy and the comfort of a home away from home, your cottage rental vacation will be one to remember. Book now and make those memories happen! #cottagerental #vacation #familyfun #bringyourdog #memoriesmade
Meet Eddie, Maya, Jaws, Finn and Ghost
Thank you so much to their families for sharing. Totally
made my day!! Vacation, Ghost, Rental, Ontario, Cottage, Vacation Memories
Some of our @CottageStays visitors this week
Meet Eddie, Maya, Jaws, Finn and Ghost . Thank you so much to their families for sharing. Totally made my day!!
Perfect sunsets on Lake Huron take a vacation at the cottage Love Beach sunsets
Ontario's West Coast holds the ingredients for a perfect sunset: westerly water view, unobstructed horizon, and smog-free air. Check out some of our favourite sunsets caught on video. Or better yet, come see for yourself! Discover all that Ontario's West Coast has to offer! Reposted from Huroncty tv Plan your next vacation. Looking for a cottage?
Swans remind us to love and protect each other. We're in this together
Even #nature is reminding us to love each other with the swans' necks coming together resembling a heart. With the #socialdistancing and quarantine, we may be getting on each other's nerve. This is a stressful and challenging time but we can get through it together with love, compassion, and understanding.
Go for a swim on Lake Huron at night while on vacation at the cottage
I always look forward to a swim at Sunset while spending time on vacation at the cottage. The water is warm and the summer swim is well appreciated. And Lake Huron is one of the best places to travel in Ontario
an old man sitting in a chair with a hat on his head and the caption nap time is my happy hour
Best hat for a nap at the cottage! Packing list for what to bring to a cottage
Love my afternoon nap in the sun! And my Dad does too especially LOL! Time to find a Lake Huron vacation cottage rental for the summer and get a good napping hat! PS thank goodness my Dad's not on Pinterest! Definitely one of my Lake Huron things to do!
a message written in the sand next to an ocean with waves crashing on it and someone's footprints in the sand
Love My Job! Helping others Make their Memories happen! checkout to see Parsons Paradise and others