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I'm in fucking love with these modified Honda Ruckus scooters.

If the name Darryl Lamano sounds a bit familiar to you, there's good reason. A few years ago, Honda Tuning Magazine scored Lamano's immaculate Si coupe as a feature car, now check out his 2009 Honda Ruckus!

honda ruckus | The Honda Ruckus Cafe Risque Custom Scooter | ScooterFile

Honda Ruckus Cafe Risque by ComposiMo on Total Ruckus I'm not saying my self wouldnt look like Shaq on a mini horse riding this, but I do appreciate how well sorted it is. spotted on Ottonero

Hahahaha...had to crack on my uncles atv it was red and shiny....I don't remember what color ours is lol

Ya just recently my brother was bitchin cause I got caught out in the rain with his four wheeler an got a little mud on it 😂