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Things to know about lingerie -- Emerald green black lace corset That green is gorgeous!

The shape and details of this corset are glorious.

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Waist Trainers - Lycra,NutrimWaist,Hook and Eye,Machine Washable,Purple, Latex

Ravenclaw lattice corset L'Atelier de LaFleur

Ravenclaw (blue and bronze) lattice corset with metallic burnished gold lace by L'Atelier de LaFleur

Floral Lace Sexy Sweetheart Neckline Fashion Corset

A Stunning Corset perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to be a sex kitten and spice things up in the bedroom or pair this corset with your favorite jeans and

The Violet Vixen - Absolute Cotton Candy, $81.90 ( Pin-up, Burlesque, Pink, Cotton Candy, Bows, Cutie pie, Corset, Sexy, Girl, Lingerie, Woman, Equality, Lover, Sugar, Sailer girl, Army girl

Absolute Cotton Candy Pink-White Corset

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