Me on the Map Circle Book {EDITABLE!}

Me on the Map Circle Book {EDITABLE!}

What does the earth look like to a paleontologist? A magical series of historic, valuable layers. #hmnspaleo

What is the geologic time scale timeline drawing by Ray Troll. Great site for helping students understand the time scale!

Landscape Inchies Part 1

Landscape Inchies Part 1 (that artist woman)

Geography for Kids: Getting to know the Canadian Landscape through art from that artist woman: Landscape Inchies Part 1 ( mini USA landforms idea)

Let's Learn about India with Kids including some fun recipes and crafts!

Learning about India with Kids. Includes Recipes for Making Samosas and Chutney with Kids and more.

Alberta Social Studies: Traditions (story telling). The Owl and the Raven: An Inuit Legend

According to this Inuit legend the Raven was not always the jet-blackbird that it is today.

3 Weeks of Activities for Alberta Grade 4 and 5 Social Studies teachers!

Canadian History: Western Settlement

Canada Unit Symbols and Geography

Canada Unit Symbols and Geography

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