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an illustration of a tree with apples on it and people standing around in the background
print | British Museum
the crucifix is depicted in an ornate painting with many people around it
The Sign of the Cross
an old book with a painting of jesus on the cross
Judaica history and sacred culture
an icon depicting the tree of life with jesus and other people around it, painted on a blue background
a painting on the side of a building with animals and trees painted on it's walls
Archaeologists uncover one of Middle East's biggest carpet mosaics - for just one day
the tree of life with many people around it and an open book in its hands
252 Piece Puzzle. Christ the True Vine icon
the inside of a church with many paintings on it
The Light of Faith
two naked people are standing in front of a painting on the side of a building
Tree of Life Meaning, Symbolism, and Mythology
the tree of life is depicted in this mosaic art piece, which features an image of a
Betsy Porter Art and Iconography
The Cross, Medieval, Sacred, The Tree
The Tree of Life
a cross with two horses on it in the middle of an ornate border, surrounded by flowers
Announcing the Orthodox Illustration Project
an ornate icon with the virgin mary surrounded by other people in blue and gold colors
Jesus Christ Tree of Life, Silver byzantine iconography, Burgundy 16.7 x 22.4cm
the tree of life symbols are shown in black and white
Vector ornament, decorative Celtic tree of life Free Vector cdr Download -