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an old book with some drawings on it
Saint Of The Month Club
Saint George (Ethiopian Christian art)
an old book with designs on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Лялин Журнал
mediumaevum: Father Najeeb Michaeel is an Iraqi Christian priest who speaks Arabic, English, French, Aramaic and Syriac, not to mention being able to read Latin and Greek. A few years back, he was overlooking digitizing of early Christian manuscripts.
an old book with a painting on the front and back cover is open to reveal text
Ethiopian Gospels, Portrait of Evangelist Matthew, Walters Manuscript W.836, fol. 9v
an old painting with some people and one is holding a child in his arms,
Hermeneiai, MS M.574 fol. 1v - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
Maria lactans (or Galaktotrophousa) (frontispiece of a manuscript which belonged…
an old book with a cross and birds on it
Ankh - AoL Consciousness Research
The Symbolism of Anch as A crux ansata in Codex Glazier a Coptic manuscript of the New Testament 400 AC, article Anch by Natasa Pantovic
an old book with writing on it and two letters in the middle one is open
ABMQ 00018 - Egypt - Wādī al-Naṭrūn - Dayr al-Qiddīs Anbā Maqār - Bibl. 18 - Reading Room - vHMML
Ethiopian Gospels, Canon table, Walters Manuscript W.836, fol. 4v
Ethiopian Gospels, Canon table, Walters Manuscript W.836, fol. 4v