What Having a Chronic Illness is Like

This evening, my husband, roommate and I wanted to go out for sushi dinner. I'm still having a bit of a flare up, so I've been running on an almost empty tank of gas.

Canoeing with POTS!

Raj was awesome. He had no miracle cure of course, but he did have some suggestions of different medication combinations/dosages to try. He said that POTS is always the result of something else.

Planning POTS-Friendly Activities

Last night we went to Alouette Lake to watch the sunset.

Making A Blog

Brain Storming Ways to Make Money when you have a Chronic Illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

When POTS Makes You Dizzy

A side effect of my medication, Midodrine, is dizziness. The other night we were rushing around trying to get ready to go to a BBQ with our friends.

Focusing on Your Blessings

Something incredibly helpful I've learned is to give myself the time to vent, grieve, have a pity party, etc.

Living Life Intentionally

Being sick sucks. There are few upsides of being chronically ill. I'll be honest, it doesn't take long for me to feel depressed.

Letting go of my own plans

I had specific plans for my life. These included being as active as possible, travelling, getting my university degree over 5 years, having a career. When I think about the way I thought my life.

Applying for Disability Status in BC

Working on Sarah's Disability Application


Who will be with you once you've had your baby? Hospital visitor policies differ, so find out before you go into labor. Image by babykrul